Importance of keywords In SEO – SEO Beginners Guide

What is the importance of keywords in SEO? Many People ask me And Many SEO Beginners get confused to find the Importance of Keywords for SEO.

So Guys Today I’ll discuss the SEO keywords importance.

Importance of keywords In SEO
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Only 2 Ways to Get Success in blogging field, which are…

Use the Right Keywords at right place in pages/posts give you traffic from search engines like google and When you optimize you website keywords then it will give you rank batter then other website.

Like in humans Brain work is very important. So in SEO, Keywords play the important part in the success of any website or blog. Before doing any thing or write post or page, you must research on your keywords. So this post will tell you the SEO Keywords Importance.

Importance of keywords In SEO
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So let’s start with the basics of SEO, which tell you the Importance of Keywords in SEO.

Let’s suppose You are not old in blogging field and You have 50 Pages or posts in your website/blog but you are getting traffic on only few posts, May be 2-4 post only.

But Why? Why only few post, you have 50 post on your website then why you are not getting traffic on all website?

It’s because Some of your posts on which you are getting traffic are ranked in search engine for keywords that are highly searched for by users and you used that keyword in your post. and that’s why users searching with that keyword and your post coming on first page.

If you didn’t used that keyword in your post then your post didn’t appear in search ranking. This is the Importance of Keywords for SEO.

Importance of Keywords for SEO
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But do you know who give you rank? Who is Responsible for your rank?

Many of you know and many don’t know about this. Even i meet some people who said “I think google manually give rank or take money to give rank from webmasters.”

But No! Algorithm of search Engines have some condition and if all condition of website fulfill the Algorithm condition then it gives ranks. I hope you are understanding what is the importance of keywords in search engines.

You can learn Some condition here:- Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

Now We Will learn…

What is the importance of keywords from an SEO perspective?

So Till now we were discuss the basics of Importance of Keywords for SEO. Now let’s understand this thing in deeper.

You Surly heard about SEO Meta_keyword. It is used when we have to define our target keywords.

Till 2012, specify meta keywords on pages/posts was very important but now (2017) google makes some changes and now search engine algorithms become very smart and they detect keywords from page/posts automatically.

Google already make announcement that they will not consider meta keywords now.

How to Find Top Keywords

It’s not hard to find top keywords, but to use them, it’s hard. you can take help of online tools or software ti find right keywords for you.

The best Way to Find Keywords with Google Search. It show top keywords in search.


As you can see i was finding something and google give me some keyword suggestion. So When you done with your keyword research, You just need to write and google article.

Write Content with Meta titles, meta descriptions, and headings:

Now Hope you understand the importance of keywords in SEO. Now after research you just need to write unique and worth content. Use Eye catchy and Unique title and try to use your main keyword in title of the post. Like My Focus keyword is ‘Importance of keywords In SEO’ so i also used in title.

You need to write unique meta description which will show to users who will search in on google. meta description is like very short summary of your post. you just need to tell in meta description about your page/post.

I hope This article will help you to understand importance of keywords in SEO.


Importance of keywords In SEO – SEO Beginners Guide
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