What Is Google Adsense and How Does It Work? – Earn With Adsense

Many Web Owners want to earn Money online with website. But Some people don’t know how to earn online by website and some don’t get the way to earn. So in this post i’ll let you know What Is Google Adsense and How Does It Work and how you can earn money with Adsense. So let’s start.

What is google Adsense

Google Adsense is the Program of CPC Network (Cost par Click) which allow Users to Put Ads on Website and those ads are targeted and relevant to the content of the site.

Let’s understand Google adsense in deep:-

Google adsense is the best way to earn online by your website. If you Love blogging like me or you owned a website that full-fill the AdSense Program Policies then you can show google ads on your website and you can able to earn money.

Let me tell you something important about adsense.

If you are going to apply for AdSense, you should remember two things clearly:

1. AdSense ≠ Money.

2. AdSense = Content + Traffic + Authority

  • Content: Your ads will appear according to your blog’s content. So, if your blog is about “Android”, then post at least 20-25 articles about “Android”, so that Google can give you properly targeted ads.


  • Traffic: Your ads will generate money, only if your blog is generating traffic. If you are getting 50 visits per day, that too by spamming the Facebook groups, then please, don’t ever-ever apply. But Doing SEO, you can generate Traffic easily.


  • Authority: If you want to bombard your blog with ads, then you need to understand, that your blog should provide quality information or be a standard source of information so that people can ‘accept’ the ads on your website and access it often.
What Is Google Adsense and How Does It Work? – Earn With Adsense
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