VPS V/s dedicated Server – Which option is better than Shared Server

Hi Guys!! Sometimes People confused between VPS and dedicated Server in compare to Shared Server. So Today We will discuses  about VPS V/s dedicated Server and I’ll tell you  Which option is better than Shared Server.


What is Web hosting?

Let me explain you in easy words. ‘Web hosting is a service that providing storage space and access for websites and make its online business accessible to others on the internet/web.’

But Only make online presence is not enough, you have to choose right Web Hosting Because if you choose Bad hosting or Non-optimized Web hosting then it will slow down your website. I already posted about How to speed-up your website. Visit and read all point. It will help you to choose right Hosting.

For that Check these points also:-

Now Let me explain you What is Shared Hosting

As the name ‘Shared’ said everything. Shared Hosting is a server which is used by many users. But use of each and every resource like CPU, disk space, database, bandwidth, etc is limited to everyone who is sharing hosting.

shared hosting

And Shared Hosting is the most economical hosting because it’s shared by many uses, so if you are a beginners in SEO and want to make website then you can use Shared Hosting.

VPS V/s dedicated Server – Which option is better than Shared Server
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  1. Hmm after read this,now i decided to go with VPS Server. Thanks for the useful information Lalit. I think VPS is batter then all per new buddies.


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