How to use Google Adwords – How to Create a Google Adwords Ad

How to use Google Adwords

Hi Guys! Many Users are new in SEO and don’t know how to use Google Adwords or PPC. So Today i’m going to Tell you about google adwords and will explain you how to Create a Google Adwords Ad. So Let’s start..

First I’ll Explain you What is Google Adword:-

Google Adword is advertising service provided by google for those People who want to Display Ads in google. Google Don’t take charge To show ads on google, Google charge for clicks on ads by peoples. This Method is also called PPC method.

What is Average cost per click on AdWords:- 

Truly Nobody can tell you the Average Cost par Clicks because it’s all depend on Keywords and industry. Now I’ll Explain you how to Create a Google Adwords Ad.

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Firstly You need to Open Google Adwords and Register with Gmail. after that this Window Will Open.

Click on CamPaign and then click on Search Network with Display Select

Now You will this is Page for Campaign Settings Just fill these and Click save and Continue.

Here you can select country and language in which you want to show ads

Here you can set Bid and Budget per day. Fill the amount like 0.50$, 1$ (As you like) in Default Bid. Default Bid Stand for to agree a fixed on One click.

How to use Google Adwords – How to Create a Google Adwords Ad
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