Best On-Page SEO Techniques – Get High Rank In Google

Good On-page SEO Techniques

Hi guys! To Get High Rank In Google, You must Done Good On-Page SEO optimization because on page optimization is the first step to get Success of blog and to Get High Rank In Google or any search engines. So for this I’ll tell you some On-Page SEO Techniques for website optimization.

These are best Onpage Search Engine Optimization Techniques which used by best and famous bloggers to Get High Rank In Google. These onpage seo techniques Land in white hat seo.

I already talk about On-page SEO Techniques in this topic How to Start SEO for New Website. But Today i’m again sharing on page search engine optimization techniques.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1# Keywords Density

Keywords play important part to get ranking in google. And for this you must know how many time you have to use your keywords and where to use them. So You should use your keyword according to your content. If you’re writing 1000 word article then you can use 2% of your main keyword in it.

2# Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are also important for On-page SEO techniques. If your On-page optimization is not good then you’ll never get success with off page seo optimization. So Try to full use of Meta Tags.

3# Use of Alt text and title in Images

If you are using Images in your post then you can give them title and write Alt text which help to make your blog entry more engaged and focused on. This is count in on-page seo techniques.

Here are some more On page search engine optimization techniques.

4# Word in Article

Word in Article

More content = More Engagement = Better ranking. When you write any article then you should make sure it’s more than 500 words. and it’s meaningful. I’m saying this because if write articles more than 500 or 1000 words then you’ll able to use your More keywords in your content which is good for you and your blog. On-page optimization is the first and important part after create website so you should know How to Start SEO for New Website.

5# Blog Entry Title

Blog Entry Title is important part of on-page seo techniques because it tells about the content of the post. If users find it good and unique then he’ll read the whole article and if your post title failed to impress users then they will just exist your website.

6# Post Permalink Structure

Your Post Permalinks can help you to get higher rank if you use them in good way. You must utilize your objective Keywords in the Permalink URL which will shown in google searching.

7# Interlinking

Internal linking is the part of on-page optimization and it help you to tell users about your extra content. You can links your post on keywords which improve search ranking which keywords. So try to Inter link articles.

8# Compose Engaging Content

Engaging Content

Content is the king. If you serve Unique and Engaging Content then users will take interest in your website. If you give same taste as all other websites give to users then why users will visit your website.

You should give users a reason (Which is your content) to visit your website. This will improve your website rank. Write your website content for humans because some bloggers write good content but they use very hard language which goes from user’s head. To keep it soft and simple.

Thank you Guys Hope these on-page seo techniques will help you to Get High Rank In Google.

Best On-Page SEO Techniques – Get High Rank In Google
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