Working Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 | SEO Tips for Beginners

Hay guys! In my last post which was Easy SEO Tutorial 2018 For Beginners regarding SEO Basics and i told many thing in that about SEO (search engine optimization). So In this post i’m going to Recall some best and Working Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 in details which are good SEO Tips for Beginners

As you know, Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the best techniques/method which used to improve ranking of any website to show high position in all search engines to get maximum traffic with relevant keywords.

SEO is divided into two parts below two technique used to improve website ranking. Which are,

  1. On Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.

Like Every Work can be done in two way which are Legal and illegal. same as here in SEO, You can do SEO in two way which are,

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

And White Hat SEO is the best way and recommended by all Best SEO Companies and users.

So let’s move forward, As I said SEO is divided into two part and these two parts contain the following things to do which are,

On Page SEO

  • Meta Title and Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Content of Pages and Posts.
  • Internet Linking
  • Headings.
  • Permalink Structure.
  • Alt Text and title on images.
  • SEO Friendly Coding.
  • Speed of Posts, Pages and whole website.
  • Optimization of Images.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Techniques 2018

Now Let’s Talk about On Page SEO and Off Page SEO in details.

What is On Page SEO?

On Page is also Important part SEO, On Page SEO is the first step for website ranking. If We do any wrong thing in On page SEO then it can be very dangours for your website ranking.

On page SEO is that method which we do changes or implement like title, tag, description, content, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking etc on live website.

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Off Page SEO Techniques 2018

Okay! So this post is related to Off Page SEO Techniques 2018, so we will discuss more and more about Off Page SEO Techniques 2018.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is the second step in search engine optimization which is also very important to get search engine ranking.

Off Page SEO is the process to promote your website and it’s web pages by doing some activities bookmarking submissionDirectory Submission, Forum Submission etc. By Doing Off Page SEO, You can boost up your website in search engine and also it help to build your brand name.

Let me Clear You between On page SEO and Off page SEO because lot’s of people get confused. On Page SEO Help you to get visibility in search engines of your blog and off page SEO or Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 will help improve your Blog Ranking in search engines.

Let’s talk about Off Page SEO Techniques 2018. Building Backlink is the most important part in Off Page SEO but after some updates of Google, You need to be very careful to build backlinks, Now in 2018, You need to get Quality Backlinks not in Quantity backlinks.

Let’s Discuss Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 in details

Off page SEO matters for any website or blog because as i said Off page SEO helps to improve website ranking which increase traffic.

Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 is divided into some parts, let me explain you.

  1. Link Building

Link Building is the famous method in Off page SEO but as i already told you in my old post that after 2012 update, Google give importance to those website which have Quality backlinks. If you have Backlinks from famous and Quality websites then surely it will help you to grow your website ranking.

  • What is Backlink?

Know what is backlinks and Techniques to make Backlinks.

  • What is Quality backlinks?

Quality Backlinks are those type of backlinks which are coming from same niche website and having High PA DA. Know How to Increase Domain Authority of Website.

2. Social Bookmarking Submission

Bookmarking is one of the best way to get backlinks from high PA DA Social Bookmarking Sites. Social Bookmarking is the process to save any kind of image, video or website/blog which also help to increase traffic.

Here is the bookmarking Site list:

Let’s Move on.

3. Article Submission

Article Submission is considered one of the best Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 because Article Submission Websites give Quality Backlinks and It also help to build Brand name.

But Remember, Your Content Should be Unique, Meaningful and High Quality. It Might Rejected if you try to submit low quality content or copied.

Always Choose right category to submit your content and also make sure that Title of content must be good because users see your title first before reading your whole content. It should be interesting and matching with your content too.

4. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is also Off page SEO Method to get backlinks. It is a method to submitting the links of web pages to web directories. But remember to submit your link in Right Category.

Directory Submission takes sometime to show result but results will be for long time. 😉

Types of directory submission in SEO:

  1. Automation directory submission: This Submission done by many software and tools available in market. I personally not recommended this method because software can submit your website in any category and it can impact badly.
  2. Manual directory submission: In this, You can do directory submission manually. Yeah! It takes time but results came very awesome.

Types of Directory submission

  1. One way: Free and Paid Web listing.
  2. two Way: reciprocal regular web listing.
  3. Three way: Paid Web Listing.

List of Directory submission Site:

5. Forum Posting

As i already explained about Forum posting in my some last post. let’s recall it.

Forum Posting is the place where people ask question and other members give answers. this is very good way to increase quality backlinks and also traffic on blog. Search for relevant website related to your blog and answer to the question and also you will get backlink by adding your link in Signature.

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6. Blog Comment

Blog commenting is the best and working Off Page SEO Techniques 2018. It’s a simple way to post comment on others blog by adding your blog link in the website section to get backlinks.

Make a list of those blog which are related to your niche and do comment on that blogs which give you Quality backlinks and it helps to increase website ranking.

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7. Social Media

If you want to Get Success With Your Blog then you must use social media. As you know Social media has all type of audience like from age 13 to 65+ and you can make full use of it to increase your website ranking, sales and brand awareness. This is also an best Off Page SEO Techniques 2018.

Here are Top 10 Social Media Sites for Business

So Guys this is it from Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 I hope you understand and increase your website ranking.


Working Off Page SEO Techniques 2018 | SEO Tips for Beginners
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