20 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors – Rank High in Search Engines

20 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors – Rank High in Search Engines

Learn Most Important SEO Ranking Factors. We Have Lots of SEO Experts in our Country and many Webmasters also and everyone looks for higher rank in search engine. Everyone want higher rank then others. Millions-Billions of Website are available on internet, but all website does not appear in top ranking in search engine because of the higher competition.

All Search Engine like Google, Yahoo etc have their own algorithm or can say condition to provide High rank in search engine. And Google Use More then 200 condition to give high rank in google.


But Before going ahead, i would like to tell you that all algorithm or condition are not fixed. It change time to time so we need to be alert because google ranking factors can change. For example, Today Web directory submission is more important then bookmarking submission, But who knows, google change some conditions and bookmarking submission get higher value.

So Here are Some Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

# Backlinks


It’s very difficult to get rank without creating backlinks for website. Many users and SEO experts said that backlinks will lose there importance but Still truth is that nobody will get rank without backlinks. So try to get do-follow backlinks for your website. And Always Believe in Quality not quantity. Backlinks are the backbone of any website. Google evaluate websites on the basis of Backlinks.

1# Content quality

Content quality

Content was very important factor for ranking over the years, but after Google Hummingbird update, Content Become the king. Google Now also consider Content fact to give you rank. Your website need to have Unique Content and quality with high rich keywords to get batter rank then other.

Let me give you example of this. You have 6 Restaurants in your city and you have to check food quality in all Restaurants, You visit in 5 Restaurants and you find same taste and quality. But in last Restaurant you find some Unique taste, dishs, services etc batter then last 5 Restaurants  then will you visit again in those 5 Restaurants . Personally I’ll not.

Unique and Rich content provide good experience to users and google reward then with higher rankings. So if you want rank then write good articles.

2# Content length


These days Your Content length matters in ranking. Lots of studies have proved that the longer your content give it rank in Google. But It should useful and having good keywords. There was a time when 500-600 Words content was consider as long enough but after Having Heavy Competition, you need to focus on your content length. you content must be 1200-1500 words in every post. So You need to understand Important SEO Ranking Factors.

20 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors – Rank High in Search Engines
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  1. Hello, I am working on a website since 1 month and alexa ranking is good but backlinks does not create. How can i increase backlinks. My website is youandpets.com.


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