Know What is Sitemap for SEO and Why Sitemap is Important for SEO?

Easy explanation on Sitemap in SEO and Why Sitemap is Important for SEO?

Hi Guys! Welcome to Best SEO Advise. Today I want to tell you about what is sitemap and i’ll explain everything about sitemap.

Let me tell you Sitemap is very Important in On page SEO. It play vital role in On page SEO as well as Off page SEO, But Most importantly in On page SEO.

You know Sitemap play important role to get organic ranking.

“Sitemap is a .xml file which contain every information about website like pages, post, images etc”

These sitemap give all the information to search engines because whenever search engines crawlers come to the website to collect data from website, so no problem come to collect information.

Let me give very Easy example which makes you to understand very easily about sitemap.
Like you are an HR in an company and your boss order you collect all employees data.
Now Guess you have 50 employees with 50 cabins in your company and 30 employee’s cabins having name plate with every information needed and 20 don’t have anything.

So when you collect data then you will easily get data of those employees who having name plate but you will get trouble who don’t have name plate.

So here is

Company = Website

Name plate = Sitemap

and employees = Post, Images, Pages etc

Hope this example help you to understand what is sitemap.

So Now i’m given you the conclusion of all these thing.

Those Website which are on internet with Sitemap are very good with the eye of all search engine and these search engine easily get your website data in-compression to other website who don’t have sitemap.

Sitemap is look like this

How to create Sitemap?

1- How to create Sitemap for WordPress website

2- How to Create sitemap for normal website

What is the Importance of Sitemap in SEO or website?
  • As I already told you that search engine crawlers like google crawlers easily get’s data information and give you good rank and traffic after crawling.
  • Our all page automatically get index in all search engine.
Know What is Sitemap for SEO and Why Sitemap is Important for SEO?
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