How to Increase Domain Authority of Website – Boost Your Domain Authority

Tips to Increase Domain Authority and Boost Your Domain Authority (DA)

Know How to Increase Domain Authority of Website: Every webmaster/blogger have dream for getting best and higher in search engines. But over 100+ standard of measurement are available on internet to measure search engine ranking or we can say, Every search engine have there own rules and regulation on that basic search engine give rank to website/blogs.

But it’s a matter of time, algorithm, rules and regulations etc changes their importance. but still today, their is one important measurement which is still have same importance in SEO world and increasing. That is Domain Authority (DA). Yes! Domain Authority is having importance in SEO field. And their are many website by which you can Check domain authority.

Increase Domain Authority
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But before i give you tips to Increase Domain Authority of Website, let’s us What is Domain Authority?

What is Domain Authority and how it’s calculated?

Increase Domain Authority
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Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking between 0 to 100 score developed by Moz that tell how well a website will rank in search engines. And you know High Domain Authority websites have higher rake in search engines.

Let’s understand something important that Every website not eligible to get high domain authority Because to get high domain authority or want to Increase Domain Authority, you need to focus on some important factors and you can get buy backlinks but you can not purchased Domain Authority. To Boost Your Domain Authority, you need to work hard and have a great strategy.

Some Tips to Increase Domain Authority which are giving below which surely help you to improve your DA score.

You can find Domain Authority of your website on moz website.

1#. Content Matters

In my some previous post, you read alot about content. After Google Panda Update, Content become the king. If you have target to Improve and Increase Domain Authority of Website then you can not achieve this target with Quality Content.

Whatever you write, Always write Unique, relevant and meaningful and quality content. And I already shared post regarding How to Write SEO Rich Content For Your Blog.

Increase Domain Authority
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Some other Website told you that Content length doesn’t matter to Increase Domain Authority of Website. Guys, This is wrong. Length is also matter. You can not get rank on those articles which are only have 100-200 words. A Good Author or SEO Expert always try to explain things as much as possible. I suggest you to use more than 600 Words for every Content that you write. Take your time while write content.

You can use Images, Video etc in your content to make it look interesting.

You should also following this to get higher rank in search engine which are:

  • Don’t copy content and don’t use that content for your website.
  • Try to write content in your own language. Language should be user friendly.

this is the first and main thing which help you to Increase Domain Authority of Website.

2#. Good On page SEO

On page is a part of SEO. Before working on Off page SEO, your on-page seo must be good on your website. because you will not get good rank until your onpage SEO is not good. We can do best On-page SEO because it’s in our hand.

  • Keyword stuffing & density: keywords stuffing is not good for your website. and your keywords density should be 0.7% to 1.5% only. More then that can affect your search engine ranking.
  • Heading: Try to use H1,H2,H3 headings in your content.
  • Keyword search and placement: Keywords search is very important. If you work on wrong keywords then u’ll never get rank in search engine and it’ll not help you to Increase Domain Authority.
  • Permalink structure: Take full use of Permalink. You can use your main keyword in Permalink.
  • Meta description: Meta description can boost your rank because it tells search engine about your content. you should use your main keyword in it with content.

Learn More about Best On-Page SEO Techniques.

3#. Internal Linking

Internal Linking
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Internal Linking is the best way to get more user engagement. If you are doing Internal Linking then you users will get more information and this build trust. Users will again return to your website. This will help you to Increase Website Traffic which is good for you and your website.

4#. Make High Quality Backlinks

Creating Backlinks is very easy but it’s so hard to get High Quality Backlinks. In SEO, Always believe in Quality, Not in Quantity. High Quality Backlinks improve your search ranking as well as it improve and Increase Domain Authority of Website.

Here is High PR Directory Submission Site List which help you to get High Quality Backlinks.

There are many method by which you can generate High Quality Backlinks.

Increase Domain Authority
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  1. Sharing Content on Social Media: You can share your web links on social media like twitter, facebook, google+ etc. Here is the Top 10 Social Media Sites, So you can increase your website traffic too.
  2. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is the old and popular method for generating backlinks.
  3. Press Release
  4. Profile Creation

And their is more method which help you to get quality backlinks.

5#. Careful while Choosing your keywords

Increase Domain Authority
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What happened when your website selling mobiles phone but you choose wrong keywords like mobile recharge etc. Will you get rank? No! Never! So It’s became very important to find and choose the right keywords for your website.

If you work for wrong keywords then you know what will happen? suppose users will land on your website because they are looking to recharge mobile phone but they see that your website is only selling mobile phones. They will immediately exit your website. this is an negative point for your website and your all work become waste.

Checking your Domain Authority

When you are working hard to get ranking then you can also check domain authority. so here is the process to check domain authority.

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Enter your website and click enter
  • Booom! You will see you result.

So these were the method by which you can Boost Your Domain Authority (DA). Work hard in right way because hard work always paid off.

but Don’t think if you do all these work and you will get Domain Authority just in some time. Don’t think about it. Things takes time in SEO but these things are permanent. One day you will get good results.

You Website DA score increase over time. Just focus on Onpage, Offpage and Quality Content.

So that’s all about to say from my side to Boost Your Domain Authority. If you have any suggestion or question then comment down.

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How to Increase Domain Authority of Website – Boost Your Domain Authority
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