How to Start SEO for New Website – SEO Steps For New Website

SEO is very Important for all website but today I’m Sharing How to Start SEO for New Website and give you SEO Steps For New Website. New Website is just like and New Born Baby. Now you are think Why I compared New Website with New born Baby, It is because whatever you Teach new born baby, He/she will learn that things. So you be on guard when you do anything with baby.

Same as here in SEO, Whatever you do with your website, that will effect you search engine ranking. So Today I’ll tell you How to Start SEO for New Website and give you some SEO strategy for new website.

How to Start SEO for New Website
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So Here are Some SEO Steps for new website which tell you how to do SEO for new website. You need to Follow some basics first with new website. Please Read Carefully.

Here is Step by Step Guide to SEO..

On Page SEO Basics

Firstly Search engine optimization starts from your website. A Good On Page SEO Give your website boost-up in search Engine. I want to Tell beginners that when you start doing SEO, You heard about making backlinks for website. People say, Backlinks improve search ranking. True, But Without Good On page SEO (search engine optimization) you will never get success with your blog/website.

So Here are the Some Element of On Page SEO that you Should Follow..

Title Tags

How to Start SEO for New WebsiteFirstly you need to define the title tags of every page and post because title tag on pages and posts of your website tells search engines what the page is about. You Should Define your title in Maximum 70 characters and you should use your main Keyword in it and this is how to Start SEO for New Website.

Meta Description

The Meta Description play the important part in On page SEO. It show after the Title shown in Search Engine. Meta Description tell the search Engine about your content because it is the juice of the Whole Content. So Be careful while write Meta Description, It must be unique of every Pages and posts. Many SEO Legends Still debate on this topic. You should Use your brand name and main keywords in meta description. If you will not define your meta description then google automatically fetch from your content. May be it can help you or can very dangours for search rank. So I’ll suggest to use Meta Description.

For WordPress users:-

Those Users who are using Website on wordpress they can use plugins for SEO. Many Plugins are available in market which allow you to add title tags and meta descriptions to your pages and posts. Some plugins are SEO by Yoast, All In one SEO, Platinum SEO Etc.

There are some more Element are available for On page SEO which is also help you to boost your rank. But title tag and the meta description are the most important.

Let’s have a look on Additional On-Site SEO Elements

  • Internal Linking:- Internal linking Help you to get more engagement from users on your website. It help you to decrease Bounce rate of website. So try to Interlink your webpages with your other pages and posts.
  • Tags of Header
  • Image Name & ALT Tags:- Whenever you use any Images in your posts then you must give name to that image with main keyword. it’ll also help you to improve search ranking.

Quality Content

I already Discuss about Content Many times that Now Content is the king. Every Webmaster use unique, Quality and meaningful Content. If you are new in SEO and making your own blog then use Quality Content. As you know effect of SEO takes some to show but if you are using Unique Content then Don’t worry my friend you will paid off for this.

Quality ContentI will suggest, you should use above 1000+ Words in your every Post. More the Content, More the Use of keyword. And this will help to grow your audience as well as ranking in all search engines. If you want to win races in SEO then write Good Content. If you can’t write Content then don’t Copy from any where, Just hire any Content write. It’s a investment for future. So Start SEO for New Website now.

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How to Start SEO for New Website – SEO Steps For New Website
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