How to Create and submit Sitemap for Website

Hi Guys! I’m Lalit Mittal and I’m again here to tell you about sitemap. Sitemap play very important role in SEO. Many of users don’t know How to Create and Submit Sitemap, so today I’m going to tell you this process.

This is very simple so i’ll tell you in 3 easy Steps. But firstly we need to do 2 things after creating website or blog which are…

Let me explain you what is sitemap.

sitemap is the .xml file which contain all the details like all URL details which are important for all search engines. These details are store in search engines database.

Sitemap help google for crawling and indexing the website.

Know how to create Website/blog sitemap and submit it
  1. Generate sitemap for you wesbite.
  2. Add sitemap on your website
  3. Submit Sitemap to search engines.

Click here to Know how to make Website sitemap

How to make and submit Sitemap for WordPress Website

If you create your website on WordPress then you can easily create and submit sitemap of your wordpress website by using Yoast Plugin.

Step 1: Install Yoast Plugin

Search, Install and Active Yoast SEO

Click on search Console

Click on get google authentication code and one popup will open then click allow then you will get code

Paste that code in the box and click


chose your website and click save profile

How to Create and submit Sitemap for Website
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