Easily Learn How to do SEO- Beginners Guide To SEO

Hi Guys! If you Don’t Know How to Do SEO for Website then this post will help you to learn How to do SEO for Websites/blogs.

If You want to earn by your website then you need traffic and for the traffic you need to do SEO, so that your website gets rank in google in top position and people visit your wbesite.

But Firstly you need to Know What is SEO.

Guys! you know Blog is free and 1M+ Blog published on daily basis. So that if you don’t do SEO on your blog or website then may be your blog will lost somewhere. So get higher rank in search engine, you need to do SEO so that people visit you website.

Lean SEO in simple Way

Search engines optimization Help us to Get rank in google/Yahoo etc.

Let me Give you Example about this. whenever we search something in google then best search result come to us and that is called SERP, and that means Search Engine Result Page.

But This page Contain 2 type of results

  • Organic results = Free Result
  • Inorganic results = Paid Result

This post Easily Learning to do SEO- Beginners Guide To SEO will Help you to get rank in google.

Easily Learn How to do SEO- Beginners Guide To SEO
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