How to Create a Website with WordPress – Step by step Beginners Guide

Create a Website with WordPress: Many of us wants to increase our online presence and for this we need to Make Website which help us to serve our services and help to increase business. But the main Question is How to make a website in cheap and which can be handle easily.

When we think to make a website then we think about design, looks colour schemes etc but before that we need to decided platform on which you build your website.

But the Problem is that all of us don’t know HTML coding, php coding, CSS coding etc and if you wish to learn that then it’ll take lots of time.

If you go back in 2004-05, most of the website build by html or php coding. Even I don’t know html coding in detail.

Why Need to Handle your website by yourself?

Now As in 2017, Everybody needs to be independent. Suppose you start business with 100 products and build a website from outside source and add all the 100 products in it. now Suppose if you launch 2 more products then you need to contact a web developer then you need to pay to him. It’ll take time. But Suppose if you can do it yourself? It’s good know. you can change your website as par your need for free by yourself. So it’s good if you can handle your website by yourself.

STEP #1: Decide Your Website Platform

But Now Technology is higher and 90% users and companies build website on CMS (website platforms). it free also. if you try to make website on HTML or php coding then you have to pay huge amount and i’m not sure about satisfaction you get after HTML website. But on CMS Platforms you just need to choose readymade theme as per your requirement and just build website with that theme. In future, you can change you theme also, but if you go with HTML coding website then you need again higher a web developer.

How many Types of CMS Platforms?

There are many CMS Platforms which help us to make website in just 10-15 minutes. What the most Famous are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal

You can also a blogger but it is not so popular.

Learn More:

Which CMS/website Platforms Should I use to make website?

As per the report say, WordPress is the most Popular Platform to creating website. and i’m personally using it. So I’ll recommend WordPress to make website. So i’ll tell you How to Create a Website With WordPress?

Create a Website With WordPress

Why WordPress is So Popular?

  • WordPress is free platform to build website.
  • No need to learn or expert in HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • VERY flexible for non coders.
  • Huge developer network of wordpress
  • Suitable for small and large organization.
  • Live customize of website. You can see live changes on website/blog.
  • SEO Optimize.
  • Free theme (You can choose and buy Premium theme).
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Easy Setup.

I can give you many more reasons to choose wordpress so I will personally as well as professionally suggest you to create a Website With WordPress.

On wordpress, Anybody can handle website, Write and publish post, add products, manage things very easily. You don’t need any web developer for this. or pay other person.

So Today I’ll Tell you How to Create a Website With WordPress and give you Step by step Beginners Guide.

STEP #2: Choose Domain and Hosting

After Choosing WordPress to build you website then you need 2 thing which are:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting/web server

Learn VPS V/s dedicated Server – Which option is better than Shared Server

After all these thing you are ready to Create a Website With WordPress.

STEP #3: Installing WordPress

WordPress is Single click Installation and many All hosting companies provide WordPress Application. It really Easily to Create a Website With WordPress.

Here are the steps I’m telling you and you should follow (All steps should be similar on all the major web hosting companies to Create a Website With WordPress):

  • First you need to login in your Hosting account and then Click on control penal or named C-penal. I’m Creating website With Royal Cloud hosting.

How to Create a Website with WordPress

  • Now Scroll Down little bit and you will see WordPress Icon, Click on it.

  • You’ll see this ‘Install Now’ Option, Click on Install now.

How to Create a Website with WordPress – Step by step Beginners Guide
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