Some Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid

Hi Guys! Many Of People wants to Be a blogger. That’s good But Today I’m Sharing Some Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid because these will not help you to grow too much. But Before that We need to Understand “What is Niche in SEO”?

What is Niche in SEO? or What is Niche marketing?

what is Niche

What i think, Niche marketing is refer to that market which target the Customer/Readers on a specify Market. For Example, I made this website and the main thing is to Provide Information only on SEO. So my Website Niche is SEO. But We need to Consider some Points before we start new blog or website.

Most of the Users who know About WordPress and HTML what’s to make Blog or website to earn money.

If you are making blog or website only for earning then Please Do Not Waste you time.

What To do?

Sometimes people Have Knowledge about something and then they start writing Blog. This is not the proper way to start blog. First Know How to Get Success With Your Blog then Learn How to Start SEO for New Website. Blogging is not easy.

When you pickup a niche that fits you, you should be choosing something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, a problem, a need or a want.

But if your are going to Write any blog then Here’s some examples of blog niches to forget.

Some Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid

1. Weight Loss Niche

Weight Loss Niche is the Worst Niche and you Should avoid. For this you need to become expert in Weight Loss Field.

So Don’t work for Weight Loss Niche. Many More Ideas available to start with like  Gadgets, electronics, apps, software etc. you can start with these thing.

2. Make-money Online Niche

Really? What you think this will work? Millions of websites are on internet and 95% of them are fake and tell fakes Idea. So do not touch this niche. But If you really think that you can do this then go ahead fir working tips that help users.

Most of users come online to earn by internet but 95% users feels that all Ideas are fake.

3. The Photography or Picture Niche

It’s going to be Worst nightmare of your life if you choose Photography Niche because you have to be original with your images and for this you need to run here and there for picture and who knows it works. If have to leave everything behind and just click pictures.

Many Website before you are available on internet for this Niche.

Rethink before you do this.

4. Gardening Niche

Haha! It’s also not going to work anymore now. Gardening Niche is expired now. But Yes if you are in this field as professionally then you can start on this niche. May be it works for you.

Otherwise these Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid straight away.

Learn more:

5. Personal Finance Niche

What I think, Blogs and website are supposed to be beneficial to its all users and readers. How can you benefit anyone when you clearly don’t know what you’re doing and what are you writing? If you just know little bit about Personal Finance then don’t even think of it. You will just waste your time on it.

This Niche is very good to choose, But this is also for those people who are master or legend in this field. Only Masters can  do this batter and give good information.

Let me give you Best SEO Advise, Instead of looking what is most popular in market or which niche give you money, You should work on what you have. Work with your talent. Write blog on what you are expert. Because Content is also matter in SEO.

What is White Hat SEO – How White Hat SEO Works

You can start blog with Some following niches..


I hope this article will help you to start your blog with your passion. and please avoid Blogging Niche Ideas which don’t suits you.

Some Blogging Niche Ideas to Avoid
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