Big SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost to Get Ranking of Website

Hey! What’s up? Till this post, We have discussed lots of things in my all post regarding SEO both Off Page SEOOn-Page SEO, All type of submission and information about blogging. And hopefully, Now you understand why SEO is important (search engine optimization) for any blog or website? SEO is the best and lifelong method which help bloggers to get rank in search engines but a little mistake in SEO can be a big disaster. If you did any SEO Mistakes then it will take lots of time to gain ranking. And newbies do big mistakes which stop all progress. So today we will talk Big SEO Mistakes that you should Avoid at All Cost to Get Ranking of Website.

Big SEO Mistakes by Bloggers

Here are some Big SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost to Get Ranking of Website:

Big SEO Mistakes

Ignoring the Title Tags

Ignoring the Title Tags

Sometimes, Newbies, Totally Ignore the Title Tags, so you need to understand that some HTML tags are directly connected to search engine optimization and also the title tag are helpful for search engines as well as your blog guests. But lots of blogger and webmaster ignore this process and the end result is very bad because search engines count everything and if search engine found anything wrong then it cost too much to us.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is also the main cause of the downfall of any blog. Some of the blogger and newbies think that overdose of keywords can help them to get a better ranking in search engines. Let me Clear this, If your keyword density is too high on your page or post then Google and other search engines will notice it immediately and penalized your website/blog.

So Don’t be over smart with google, your proper keywords where it is necessary.

Broken Links

Big SEO Mistakes

If I compare Broken links to something then i’ll compare broken links with broken bones. Becuase If you have broken bones then you will not survive for a long time. The same case here, If you have Broken Links for your blog while doing SEO then Google downgrade your site/blog surely for having too many broken links.

You should check broken links on a regular interval so that you can manage to rank your blog higher.

Link Quantity or Quality – Big SEO Mistakes

Big SEO Mistakes

When I was learning SEO then mostly time my senior asked me to build backlinks, no matters whether the submission websites are low quality or relevant to our blog. But by passing of time, I learned some good think that backlinks Quantity is not important in SEO, what matters is Backlinks Quality.

It’s very easy to make 500 to 600 backlinks in a short period but that backlinks will come from the very low-quality website and spammy too which definitely do one thing with your website, it can downrank your website soon.

So, I would recommend you For Link Quality over Link Quantity. If you are making 200 backlinks on the low-quality website or you are making 1 Quality backlink then it is equal. but Too many low-quality backlinks or bad links could get your site penalized by Google and that needs to be avoided at all costs! So there were some Big SEO Mistakes.

Correct Anchor Text

I have seen many bloggers you who miss the opportunity to use keywords on links. They just use ‘Click here’ or ‘Visit here’. But if you use in the place of ‘Click here’ or ‘Visit here’ then you will get ranking for those keywords as well as traffic. These are some Big SEO Mistakes.

So Guys! that’s all from ‘Big SEO Mistakes’ post and I hope you all like it and if you like to share some information about Big SEO Mistakes then please do comment.

Big SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost to Get Ranking of Website
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